Retinta beef

The Retinta beef

These animals are truly unique because, like us humans, they love to spend their time on the beach. But she also makes her deep red fur and her magnificent horns special. The Retinta breed was born from a combination of different Spanish cattle breeds. Cattle with reddish fur have existed on the Iberian Peninsula since ancient times.

Home in the sun

Home to the Retinta cattle near the coast in the south and southwestSpain. Many of the magnificent animals are reared on the pastures of Cádiz, where they move freely and eat grass, acorns, shrubs and twigs.

But also on the beaches of Zahara and Bologna, in the mountains and green plains, they are at home and enjoy the many hours of sunshine.

Zahara de los Atunes, a small village on the coast of Cádiz, pays special attention to the breeding of the Retinta cattle. Every year in September, a multi-day culinary festival takes place where all kinds of Retinto dishes can be tasted. This "Ruta del Retinto" attracts numerous connoisseurs every year. The festival has also been a spectacular success in recent years.

In just four days more than 50,000 retinto tapas were sold in the small town with just over 1,200 inhabitants. This success confirms the high quality and popularity of the tender, juicy meat.

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